Our team

Welcome to our team of YOLO Wellbeing experts.

Talented, professional, and kind. Here to deliver services to help you feel amazing, relaxed, and happy.

If you would like to become part of Team YOLO, contact us at hello@yolowellbeing.co.uk we would love to hear from you.

Our values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do and the decisions we make – our team, clients, partners, and suppliers.

Kindness – We are friendly, generous, and considerate
Respect – We take responsibility for the feelings, wishes, and rights of individuals
Professionalism – We are dependable and work with honesty and ethics
Positive Energy – We are naturally enthusiastic, empathic, and optimistic

Our Ethos

YOLO – You only live once so we want to help you make it the best it can be!

We passionately believe that if people are happy and healthy it has a ripple effect on those around them. Our goal is to help people achieve better physical and mental wellness so they can influence in a kinder and more supportive environment.

Photo of three of the team members wearing bright party hats