Workplace Stress Relief

Workplace stress can be the result of a number of factors including workload, time pressures, issues with pay, holiday allowances, relationships and office politics. With nearly a third of UK adults (30%) feeling stressed for ten or more days a month [Source:], can you imagine what effect it is having on your business?

Why is Workplace Stress Relief so important?

With changes to UK legislation, employers now have a duty of care to ensure that workplace stress is not affecting the health and safety of employees.

But as an employer where do you start? How do you identify and manage workplace stress?

In some instances, stress can be positive. Commonly referred to as the fight or flight response; we usually feel it when we’re threatened. For example think of a deadline you need to meet. Levels of our stress hormone cortisol increase, which in the short term can raise our alertness and energy levels. This can be a good thing.

However, if deadlines are the norm; targets are unachievable, wages don’t pay the bills; rather than being a positive response, stress can become damaging for both mental and physical health.

How to get started

In the first instance the HSE advise conducting a Mental Health Risk Assessment to understand if workplace stress is present. If you require support in completing these we ca help.

If you identify workplace stress you are required to implement measures to mitigate against the risk. This might include a number of things from reviewing internal roles; implementing training; looking at processes and culture. Where stress is a part of the job, implementing support to help reduce and manage stress relief in the job is essential.


Workshops to help reduce and manage stress better

Sometimes stress is unavoidable, it might be the nature of the role or sector in which you work. When this is the case investing in resources that will support your employees in stress relief will not only improve your employee wellbeing, it will create a more supportive culture for your teams to thrive; which in turn will improve presenteeism, attrition and your organisations reputation.

YOLO Wellbeing offers a range of workshops and activities that are proven to help reduce physical and mental stress and provide advice and tools for employees to be able to manage stress relief better.

YOLO Wellbeing stress relief workshops encourage a positive employee and workplace culture. If you’d like to know how we can help you with reducing workplace stress, then please do call 01772 283 139 or email