Catherine Longworth

YOLO Experience Therapist

Catherine Longworth YOLO Experience Therapist

What do you like most about your job?

The ability to work with clients and know that it is having a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. Particularly receiving positive feedback about how the treatments have helped them.

What is most rewarding about being part of Team YOLO?

Feeling that I am part of a business that genuinely cares and wants to help and make a difference.

What have been the greatest highs so far?

Being able to introduce the power of massage to people who maybe haven’t had one before, and perhaps never would if it wasn’t for the YOLO Experience.

How is it different to working in your own business?

Treatments in my clinic tend to be an hour long and more varied because I treat the full body, whereas the YOLO Experience is a shorter treatment that focuses on the upper body. The YOLO Experience therapy also incorporates breathing techniques and meditation, which I will look to adapt and use with my private clients.


Catherine Longworth at work with NHS

How have you found the training and delivery?

The online training is fascinating and engaging and I found the classroom sessions so informative. They helped build on my skill set with new techniques, and have given me the confidence to get started. I feel really motivated.

How does working with YOLO enhance your own business offerings?

The training has enhanced my skills and knowledge both practically and theoretically, skills I am able to incorporate into my own clinic.

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