Anne Barnes

YOLO Experience Therapist


What do you like most about your job?

I love the therapeutic aspect of my job where I make a difference to both the client’s day and myself. They leave feeling less stressed and more relaxed. I feel completely connected and in a calm state of mind.

What is most rewarding about being part of Team YOLO?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is doing something I love to do, making a difference to both my clients wellbeing and my own. And having the privilege of being paid for something that is so rewarding.

What have been the greatest highs so far?

The trust my clients have for me to share their most vulnerable aspects of their lives, which enables me to help them move forward and overcome mental obstacles.

How is it different to working in your own business?

Both the audio and visual aspect of the YOLO experience totally transports the client into deep relaxation and creates an openness where they feel comfortable and relaxed. That along with the hands-on YOLO Experience makes them feel disconnected from the stresses at work.

Whereas in my clinic it is concentrating on a particular pain or troubled area and improving it by mobilising it, which may cause pain and discomfort whilst treating, however has an overall improvement and feeling of wellbeing in the immediate future.

YOLO Experience Therapist - Anne Barnes

How have you found the training and delivery?

The training was thorough and in depth leaving no room for feeling unsure or unconfident in the delivery of the treatment. This gives self-belief in what you are offering to your clients, and how it helps them.

How does working with YOLO enhance your own business offerings?

It is such a privilege working with YOLO and I thoroughly enjoy my day. I feel so relaxed when delivering the treatment. Cheryle actively shows she cares about our wellbeing. YOLO also schedules in CPD to make sure we are always being the best we can be and progressing throughout the year.

Quick fire questions...

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Walk or run
Out dancing or Cosy night in
Hot bath or Hot stone
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