Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

To improve mental health in the workplace it is necessary to understand the difference between mental health and mental illness? The term mental health is commonly confused with the expression mental illness.

By increasing awareness of mental health as something positive that we can practice and improve, to keep us emotionally fit and healthy. Mental illness is often the result of poor mental health.

We can compare mental health to physical health. When we look after our body; eat well and exercise we are less likely to become physically ill with things like a heart attack or diabetes. It is the same with mental health.

Our mental health can be outlined as a stress equation whereby we are impacted by external pressures such as family, financial, workplace demands multiplied by our personal health and general happiness. This is offset by the support systems we have in place such as exercise, diet, good relationships and doing things we enjoy with our bodies resilience to manage physical and emotional stress.



Evidence-based research shows that physical and mental health go hand in hand. Finding ways to look after our holistic health will have positive benefits for our physical wellbeing and mental health.

Health and safety legislation now requires that employers apply the same due diligence to the mental health of their workforce as they do towards physical health. Mental health risk assessments follow the same rules as other HSE workplace risk assessments and employers are required to provide evidence of reasonable adjustments where the risk of poor mental health is identified.

YOLO Wellbeing provide a range of on-site and on-line workplace health and wellbeing solutions that have evidence to prove they support positive physical and mental health, view our employee feedback survey.

Our number one goal at YOLO Wellbeing is to support you in managing positive mental health in the workplace to promote good self-care strategies amongst staff and prevent mental health from becoming mental illness.

YOLO Wellbeing Top Tips for Positive Mental Health in your workplace and at home

1. Smile

The simple act of smiling triggers a positive feedback loop. When we are happy our brain releases happy endorphins which make us smile. By smiling the level of happy hormones increases, putting us in a cycle of happiness that not only makes you feel better, it creates positive energy around you to help improve everyone’s mental health.


2. Breathe

A few deep breaths can work wonders in calming the body and mind and improving mental health such as anxiety and stress. Try breathing in deeply through the nose and then blow out, very gently through the mouth. Keep blowing until all your breath is expelled from your lungs. Your second and third breath in should be much deeper and easier. On your third breath out, visualise your anxiety and tension leaving your body. Bring your awareness to your shoulders and allow them to relax. Do this a few times until you feel de-stressed.

3. Take a Break

When you are feeling overwhelmed it is important to take time away from situations that cause you stress and anxiety; this could be in the workplace or at home. It will allow you a little time to calm down and review the situation. By placing distance, you create space to think, question and consider changes that might help make your situation easier to cope with. This is a very effective technique to help prevent poor mental health.

A key cause of burnout in the workplace is the inability to step away from stress, take time out to switch off. Create space and recover.


4. Share

If you are having a bad day, don’t keep it to yourself. The relief that can come from talking about your feelings can be therapeutic and liberating; helping to lift the weight from your shoulders and see things in a different way. By creating a culture where you talk about mental health in a positive way you build a supportive culture in the business.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Nobody is perfect. Nobody. Too often we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to meet unrealistic goals. When you realise it’s ok to get things wrong; to not meet every goal; to care less about what other people think; you’ll be surprised to find that it can have a significant and positive effect on your mental health.


Our YOLO Wellbeing services are designed to encourage positive mental health, self-care and positive culture. If you’d like to know how we can help you manage the mental health of your workforce please call us 01772 283139 or email