Wellbeing For Employees

If your employees are either your biggest asset or the highest cost to your business, you want to ensure that:

  1. You attract and retain the best staff
  2. Your employees perform at their best

At the core of the most successful organisations, is the recognition that employee wellbeing is integral to the performance of their staff.

But it is important to choose wellbeing activity that boosts engagement with staff.

An example of where workplace wellbeing often doesn’t work is the stereotypical fruit bowl. The employer encourages staff to eat healthily by investing in a bowl of fruit. However, at the end of the week throws away a bowl full of moldy fruit because his staff don’t like it.

Whilst in theory there are merits to eating fruit, the fact that the engagement with staff is non-existent means the employer wastes their investment.

Choosing wellbeing for employees that they will perceive as a benefit will instantly increase engagement with staff. The aim is to find activity that will appeal to your workforce but also improve their health and wellbeing, so they perform better at work.

At YOLO Wellbeing all our activities are designed to provide health and wellbeing, but also engage employees so that they enjoy our experiences, classes and workshops. We consistently receive positive feedback for wellbeing activities with more than 70% of our clients returning or continuing to work with us.

For more information see our client feedback.

So, when you choose successful wellbeing for employees here are the reasons why it will improve your bottom line?

When your employees are happy and healthy.

Five reasons why wellbeing for employees will boost your business?

1. It will reduce absences for work

HSE reports 1.7m working people suffered from a work-related illness in 2020/21. Source: HSE Health and Safety Statistics Key figures for Great Britain 2020/21 .When staff are off sick it puts additional pressure on their colleagues who are then not performing at their best, or most productive. Which increases the level of presenteeism.


2. Presenteeism will improve

In the NHS we have found 74% of frontline staff are suffering from some level of mental ill health whilst in work.  By improving the wellbeing for employees you will find that staff are better able to focus on their work. Read More.

3. Attract the best talent

It is becoming increasingly common that candidates want to work for good employers. Wellbeing for employees that is engaging and attractive will improve the perception of your company to new recruits.



4. Retain your staff

You’ve attracted the best staff, but to keep hold of them you need to keep them engaged, by providing a workplace where they can thrive. Where they know you value their health and wellbeing.

5. Good businesses want to work with good employers

Being a good employer shows potential client’s what kind of business you are. It builds your reputation and integrity, as Environmental Social Governance policies become more popular and integral to sourcing new suppliers.


If you are an employer looking for award winning wellbeing for employees, that is highly engaging, and offers tangible benefits of health and wellbeing contact us hello@yolowellbeing.co.uk or call us 01772 283 139.