Maureen Abson

YOLO Wellbeing Tutor / Lead Tutor & Founder Fusion Massage

What do you like most about your job?

With clients I love it when people arrive in pain or with restricted movement, and leave being able to move pain free.

With students I love passing on my skills to help more people, and to help students launch a new career in a safe and effective way.

What is most rewarding about being part of Team YOLO?

Seeing the team grow and the business build.

What have been the greatest highs so far?

The graduation was lovely, being able to see these talented therapists complete their YOLO Experience Therapy training, and watch the team grow.

How is it different to working in your own business?

With YOLO I am delivering specific training for a corporate environment – which is much needed given how hard people within businesses are working.

I deliver the YOLO Experience Therapy training to qualified therapists who are skilled and experienced in their trade.

We build upon that with the techniques and application that makes YOLO Experience unique to other massage disciplines.

How have you found the training and delivery?

The training is delivered in the classroom and online. It is a great opportunity to get the team together in an environment where they can bond and share skills and knowledge, whilst learning new ones that are unique to YOLO Experience Therapy.

How does working with YOLO enhance your own business offerings?

Quick fire questions...

Yoga or Hiit
Walk or run
Out dancing or Cosy night in
Hot bath or Hot stone
Coffee or wine
Team sport or Solo sport