Cheryle Britton

YOLO Wellbeing Founder and YOLO Experience Therapist

What do you like most about your job?

Making people happy. The look on people’s faces when you finish a YOLO Experience treatment, a look of complete calm and contentment. It gives me a real buzz and sense of job satisfaction.

It is brilliant how we get to help people with their health and wellbeing every day, through the various services we provide through YOLO Wellbeing.

What is most rewarding about being part of Team YOLO?

The people. Everyone who works with me at YOLO Wellbeing is a talented, high achieving professional with a wonderful set of values that reflect my own and those of the business. I am proud to have them with me on this journey.

What have been the greatest highs so far?

Winning the Health and Wellbeing Business of the Year Award in 2021 was a huge high. But also the development, and the delivery of our first YOLO Experience Therapy training programme; culminating in the graduation of our first YOLO Experience Therapists is without doubt my biggest achievement to date.

Why have you chosen to work with associates rather than employees?

I wanted to attract the best talent and provide employment that best meets the needs of the business and our team.

The model we are creating at YOLO Wellbeing is mutually beneficial because it provides flexibility, and the support you would expect from a good employer. We have quarterly CPD training days, social events and regular 1-2-1’s.

We offer employment that is complementary to their businesses, and by that, I mean we don’t compete with one another. Our Associates can sign up new private clients for their businesses when they deliver YOLO Wellbeing services, because we only work with groups, or in the corporate space.

What next for Team YOLO?

When I launched YOLO Wellbeing, I knew I wanted to franchise the mobile service. To support millions of people with their physical and mental health up and down the UK, and beyond!

By building our team of Associates and launching Franchises we are going to provide opportunities for people to own, and support the growth of their own businesses.

Our selection process is thorough, but we’re always looking for talented professionals who share the same values. If you like what you’ve read and would like to work with us, please get in contact. Email: with the title ‘Team YOLO’.

Quick fire questions...

Yoga or Hiit
Walk or run
Out dancing or Cosy night in
Hot bath or Hot stone
Coffee or wine
Team sport or Solo sport