Workplace Wellbeing Services

Being happy and healthy in the workplace leads to more productive results and peace of mind. Studies demonstrate that workplace wellbeing services have measurable benefits for businesses and individuals.

Although, by law, employers must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for colleagues who have disabilities, long-term physical conditions or mental health problems, it would be nice to make everyone feel inclusive. Offering everyone equal opportunity to participate in cost-effective workplace wellbeing services is a positive approach to teambuilding workplace activity.

Yolo wellbeing offers unique, one-to-one sensory experiences for several key wellness benefits. Introduce workplace wellbeing activity to help colleagues feel happier, more focused, physically healthier, and best able to manage workplace situations.

The best workplace activities are simple, effective and cost-effective. Scientific studies* show us how gentle scalp manipulations inhibit the stress hormone release and stimulate ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters. Positive biochemical reactions have a calming effect of allowing people more contentment and control.

Workplace environments can induce tension in the neck and shoulders due to mechanical causes and emotional responses. Some of the reasons are repetitive strain, poor posture, stress responses, and anxiety.

Offering workplace treatments that start with a heated pad to warm muscles enables colleagues to achieve better results by feeling refreshed. Movements are supported, and pain or tensions alleviated.

Introduce low-cost workplace initiatives, such as visual meditation videos for basic breathing techniques training to relax the mind and body quickly. Workplace colleagues can enter a state of calm wellbeing together in mindful exercises we use in the YOLO experience. Although initially intended just for the end of each session, we have discovered that there are techniques that help workplace teams to support each other at any time.

If workplace wellbeing support is available, it helps ease the transition back into work for people who have physical or mental health problems. People who have been off work say they worry about going back. Is everyone able to offer support and adjust? Most people find that going to work is a positive step if workplace wellbeing support is available.

Group of adults at work brainstorming around a table

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