YOLO Experience makes workplaces happier

As we celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work, we can reveal that our latest employee feedback survey is creating happier, relaxed and more focused workforces.

Our survey measures the responses of employees after receiving the YOLO Experience, in mood, energy, stress and performance.

In EVERY single area the survey shows that the YOLO Experience is having a significant positive impact.

100% of people said it improved their mood, with a whopping 78% saying it improved their mood A LOT.

And we were particularly impressed by the response in people’s performance at work, with 163 of 168 respondents saying it improved following their session.

But the BIGGEST impact we have seen is 98% of those experiencing stress before the YOLO Experience felt that they had a positive outcome in their stress levels following the session; 51% said it was a lot lower.

YOLO Wellbeing Employee Survey

Of course, here at YOLO Wellbeing we don’t need a survey to know the difference we are making, we see it every single day.

A small selection of anecdotal comments from the survey reflects this:

“This was such an amazing experience and I’ve not relaxed like that in a long time!! Thank you so much”

“Thank you so much, I came into work feeling really teary today and that was just the pick up I needed. I’d have that every day if I could 🖤”

“I was having a really tough shift at work. And the time I spent…made me feel so relaxed and at ease. Even walking back into a difficult shift. I was still very relaxed.”

“It was absolutely amazing!! Helped my shoulder pain a lot and felt very relaxed and happier!!.”

The customer survey is a reflection of the feedback we regularly receive following delivery of the YOLO Experience, to access some of the video reviews we receive check our YouTube Channel. To see the results from the survey you can access the data here.

If you would like to know how the YOLO Experience can help improve the health and wellbeing of your staff call us now on: 01772 283 139 or email Hello@yolowellbeing.co.uk



100% mood imporved YOLO Wellbeing Employee Survey Results

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