Busy NHS Emergency Department Receive Morale Boost

We recently visited one of the UK’s busiest NHS Emergency Departments to deliver a day of care and support to the staff by providing our YOLO Experience. The visit was provided FOC as part of our giving back commitment, you can find out more about how we support the NHS here.

In their own words they share their experience.

Introduction to our Emergency Department 

Working in our Emergency Department is rewarding but very busy, we see over 65,000 patients per year. Such high numbers, and the nature of some of the patients we see makes the job stressful at times for all of our staff. Due to the workload it can be very hard to take a break if staff are feeling anxious or upset about something, and for that reason we do have issues with staff burnout and stress. 

How did the team feel to know that they had access to YOLO Experience? 

The feedback from the YOLO massage van has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff have access to well-being services in the form of staff to talk to confidentially, however we have no access to relaxing complimentary therapies. All the staff who had the chance to have an appointment said how much more relaxed they felt, and that it made them feel more valued as well. 

How easy was it to implement the service? 

It was extremely easy for staff to make bookings and the day ran very smoothly. Anne was so kind and even slotted in a couple of extra people during her breaks which I really felt went above and beyond.  As we have such a large department it wasn’t really an issue for us with one staff member off at a time. Overall it worked really well. 

 How do you feel the service impacted the emergency department as a whole?

I think the visit really boosted the mood of the department and it made the staff feel valued, even if they didn’t individually get a massage. It was really good for morale. 

How do you feel it impacted staff individually?

On a personal level it definitely made staff less stressed and more relaxed. Many of them said it had really lifted them up and made them feel good. They were very grateful to YOLO for the session. 

A couple of comments included:

‘Brilliant, I think this would be beneficial for all departments in the Trust.’

‘Very relaxing and great idea.’

If you would like to find out how we can support your teams contact us on 01772 283139 or email hello@yolowellbeing.co.uk

Staff in Emergency Department treated to YOLO Experience

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