Pierce support the growth of their team

Pierce demonstrate how investment in the YOLO Experience supports the growth of their team.

About Pierce

Blackburn based, Pierce Business Advisory and Accountancy Group are an independent firm of experienced Accountants and Business Advisors; specialising in compliance, business and tax consultancy, corporate finance, and forensic practice.

The business provides pro-active guidance and support to owner managed businesses, delivered by their professional teams. In the last 3 years the team has increased by 60%, and they have an average length of service of 15 years.

Why invest in Health and Wellbeing?

Many of the services Pierce provide their clients are regulated, requiring accredited qualifications, and adhering to strict codes of conduct. This can make recruitment of experienced candidates a challenge. Pierce are committed to providing the right environment to enable staff to thrive; making it easier for them to retain and attract the best talent.

The health and wellbeing of their staff is core to shaping the culture of the business as Pierce continue to grow. They want their people to know that they support, and are invested in, them.

Why Choose YOLO Wellbeing?

Pierce worked with YOLO Wellbeing during COVID; they provided workshops on ergonomic and home working setups. The feedback from staff following the workshops was positive and the team at YOLO Wellbeing were easy to work with.

The YOLO Experience offers a service that is simple to implement within the workplace. It supports the physical and mental health of the staff, but it is also perceived as a benefit.


Pierce objectives have changed over time. During COVID they wanted to ensure their staff were supported during the lock-down, and that everyone had a safe setup when working from home.

Now the primary objective is to support the growth of their talented team. Retaining existing staff and recruiting the best candidates, into specialist, qualified roles.

They also want to promote attendance in the office; support and prevent musculoskeletal injury and provide a safe environment for staff to have conversations with a third party should they need it.

Pierce also want to encourage staff to step away from the office environment and reset.

What has YOLO Wellbeing delivered?

Pierce has invested in The YOLO Experience Quarterly Plan.

The appointments are 1-2-1 treatments that combine head, neck and shoulder massage with guided breathing and visualisation. The treatments are delivered in their mobile YOLO calm van, which they bring to the workplace.

Employees can book their own appointments using a secure, digital booking link that is shared across the team. YOLO Wellbeing keep the Pierce People Team up to date with who has booked and if any places are available.

Participants receive a reminder on the day of delivery. If anyone cannot attend or needs to swap appointments, the YOLO Experience Therapist is always flexible; ensuring that no appointments are missed.

Has the service met your objectives, in what way?

100%. The sessions are always booked up and they create a “buzz” when the YOLO Van pulls onto the car park. All the staff see the business is invested in their health and wellbeing, even if they choose not to participate.

On the first visit, staff were initially unsure, however it soon picked up momentum and now there is always plenty of demand. Staff are now more likely to work from the office when YOLO Wellbeing visits.

It has also been a success with new candidates. The HR Team always enjoy seeing the positive response when they explain they offer this benefit.

Staff are more engaged and feel relaxed and energised following a session.

The YOLO Experience is a visible endorsement to staff that the business supports time out of the working day to focus on self-care.


“I would highly recommend YOLO Wellbeing. Implementing this service is so simple with no administration burden. It is incredibly popular with staff and as part of our wellbeing provision, is attracting senior level candidates into our business”

Lisa Kennery, Director Pierce Business Advisory and Accountancy Group

What the staff at Pierce Group have to say…

Pierce our employees matter

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