Case Study: Seneca Partners

About Seneca

Seneca is an investment management business at its core, operating across a range of investment sectors. It runs a number of Seneca-branded and associated companies with either investment, SME support or lending at its core.

Amongst many other off-market growth and income opportunities, investors principally come to Seneca for access to tax-advantaged investments including Inheritance Tax, EIS and VCT.

The company also invests in Property including co-working spaces, social housing, larger single-tenant commercial premises and industrial opportunities.

The challenge?

All of the teams at Seneca work in fast-paced, competitive marketplaces. Seneca Partners, an FCA-regulated investment manager sits right at the heart of most of its operations, providing compliance, investment, finance and private client support across many of its companies.

Making investments for others carries with it a degree of stress and puts the teams under constant pressure to work at high levels and deliver consistency.

Without a well-thought-out wellbeing strategy, these ongoing stresses take their toll and diminish the team’s motivation, productivity and happiness.

How we helped

The YOLO Experience provides an escape from the stresses of a working day. It is an opportunity to re-set, re-focus and re-energise.

YOLO Wellbeing visit the team at Seneca regularly. Appointments are available for the whole team and it is completely up to the individual whether they want to take advantage of it.

The outcome for the team at Seneca

The team at Seneca didn’t set out with any objectives other than to give something new a try, to thank its employees for all their hard work and give them the opportunity to experience something different. The feedback from everyone who had the experience was positive.

Each time we go to Seneca’s offices more people give it a go with word spreading throughout the teams.

The YOLO Wellbeing visits are now etched on everyone’s calendars and there is genuine excitement when the days come around!

Feedback from the team

Client testimonial

“I would recommend YOLO to anyone. We’ve had a number of staff be quite sceptical about having a treatment, although once they’ve given it a go they’ve become some of the biggest advocates. It’s a unique experience in a relaxing environment away from all distractions where you get 15 minutes all to yourself. You come out feeling relaxed and trouble-free with a clearer mind. What’s not to like? Thank you Cheryle and the team, you’re great!”


Seneca Partners Case Study YOLO Wellbeing

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