Case study: Cotton Court Business Centre

Cotton Court Business Centre offer conference, meeting space, hot space and fully serviced offices and have virtual services like call handling, business address and admin support in Preston, Lancashire.

Managing Director, Robert Binns booked YOLO Wellbeing because he wanted to promote Stress Awareness Day, 6th November, amongst his staff and clients; and provide an activity that demonstrated Cotton Court’s commitment to mental wellbeing in the workplace.


  1. The Management Team wanted to provide a wellbeing activity to staff and clients that combats stress and improves their emotional health.
  2. The Management Team wanted to raise awareness of stress in the workplace.
  3. The Management Team wanted to use the YOLO Wellbeing activity to demonstrate to their clients and staff that they are invested in their wellbeing.
  4. The Management Team wanted to create competitive advantage over similar businesses to theirs in the local area, by looking after the needs of their clients.

How did YOLO Wellbeing meet the objectives?

The staff and clients were invited to book a YOLO Wellbeing experience, offering each individual 15 minutes of ‘me-time’, away from the workplace to relax and de-stress.

The clients and staff commented that they enjoyed the experience and appreciated the investment made by the Cotton Court Management Team who provided it to them for free.

After the treatment, the reception team at Cotton Court reported that clients who’d had the treatment talked about it in the office and they received additional requests for treatments from staff and clients who had previously not booked appointments.

YOLO Wellbeing worked with Cotton Court to create and publish a joint press release to promote the event on local news websites: Lancashare, Business Lancashire, Lancashire Evening Post and the blog on Cotton Court’s own website and our shared social media channels.

Benefits to the Client:

The Cotton Court staff and clients provided positive feedback on the attached video. They really enjoyed their experience, they said it improved the movement in their shoulders and helped them to feel calmer and much more relaxed.

This benefited the client in the following ways:

  • Appreciative workforce and clients who felt valued in the workplace.
  • Builds and reinforces Cotton Court’s positive culture amongst a wide range of business clients and their staff.
  • The media coverage jointly raised awareness of stress and Cotton Court’s commitment to tackling it in the work environment.
  • Promoted Cotton Court as a great place to work.
  • Promoted Cotton Court as a responsible employer and service provider who invest in their people.

Testimonial from the client:

“YOLO Wellbeing offered a completely unique way to improve workplace wellbeing and demonstrate our investment in our peoples’ welfare. The feedback from our clients and the staff at Cotton Court has far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to booking additional dates.”

Robert Binns, Managing Director Cotton Court Business Centre

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