Case Study: Hyndburn Academy

Hyndburn Academy are part of the United Learning family of schools and share a common ambition to achieve ‘The best in everyone’. They are committed to ensuring each member of the school community develops and flourishes within a caring, safe and supportive environment.

The School’s Managent Team hired YOLO Welbeing to come into school on inset day to treat the teachers and staff to 15 minutes away from the school, where they can relax in the YOLO Wellbeing environment.

Benefits to the client:

The feedback from the staff was very positive. They not only felt relaxed, but reported improvements in their movement and acknowledged that they appreciated the provision of the experience by the management team.

This benefited the school in the following ways:

  • The teachers and staff were appreciative that the Management Team recognised how hard they worked, and had invested in their wellbeing.
  • Following the treatment staff returned to school motivated and more relaxed, helping to boost morale.
  • Reduction in stress, improved the health of the teachers and staff who received the treatment

Testimonial from the client:

“Thank you for coming to our workplace today and delivering some much needed sessions to our staff, lots of positive feedback from those that had time with you. Definitely booking again in the new year.”

Angela Eames, Business Manager, Hyndburn Academy

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