Case Study: Fresh Perspective Recruitment

Injecting fun and positivity into the Fresh Perspective team

Laura and Emily Leyland are founders of Fresh Perspective Recruitment and work with their clients on all things recruitment. They do everything that HR doesn’t do, including writing job specs, locating and attracting the best people, creating an employer brand, interview tips and techniques and helping with retention.

Instead of charging extortionate placement fees per candidate, Fresh offers a time-based model, so that you know exactly what you’re paying for, which guarantees value for money.

The Challenges to people’s wellbeing in the recruitment industry & at Fresh Perspective

Recruitment is high pressure and long hours sat at a desk, not to mention the sales environment where rejection is an everyday emotion to deal with. So, resilience is key.

Laura and Emily wanted to be different in ALL the positive ways they could. They wanted to balance the pressure of the job with a good solid self-care strategy.

They wanted to avoid burnout, stress, sick days and absenteeism by looking after the workforce better because they feel not enough is being done to look after people, not only in recruitment but across all businesses.

“If we all looked after our staff more there would be less time off sick, lower staff turnover and the customers would be better looked after.” Laura Leyland, Cofounder of Fresh Perspective Recruitment.

Working with YOLO Wellbeing to create a culture of wellbeing

Laura and Emily hadn’t come across any other wellbeing business that does what YOLO Wellbeing does…bringing joy via a converted van!

The girls first employed YOLO Wellbeing to give their team that time to chill away from their desks. But soon booked in dance, FiT (Fun Interval Training) and Yoga classes. They’ve even been learning some TikTok moves!

The biggest benefit to Fresh is that YOLO Wellbeing come to them and that saves them time and money from taking the team out of the office to go to classes, which is what they were doing before.

Fresh Perspective love working with YOLO Wellbeing because there is so much synergy in working together due to the belief in the same values and morals.

They love that all the staff at YOLO Wellbeing live and breathe the company’s values, which are similar to theirs.

They are fun, empathetic, kind, and compassionate and they can have a good laugh!

The impact of YOLO Wellbeing on the Fresh Perspective team

Since working with YOLO Wellbeing the team at Fresh has been healthy and happy! They’ve seen an increase in productivity and a decrease in absenteeism. But most of all it injects a huge amount of fun to balance out the highs and lows.

Having the escapism to take a break from the plate spinning and the juggling has had a calming and positive effect on the whole team.



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