Case Study: Bertram’s Nursery Group

Bertram’s Nursery Group Ltd was formed in 2007, and now operates over 32 nurseries and a growing number of out of school care centres, meeting the needs of local families, communities and businesses across the United Kingdom.

Their commitment to quality and care has led to them being the proud recipients of many impressive awards and great reports from regulatory bodies, including the Care Inspectorate and Ofsted.

Head of HR, Nicola Parkinson booked a series of YOLO Wellbeing MSK Zoom Consultations after liaising with her team to understand if there was demand amongst their home working staff. An employee questionnaire was completed before the consultations, which highlighted 54% of staff reported suffering from aches and pains caused by home working conditions.


  1. The Management Team wanted to ensure that they and their employees were supported with their MSK health and prevent aches and pains escalating into more serious injuries; possibly resulting to longer term absences.
  2. The Management Team wanted to understand how home working arrangements were affecting the health of their staff. 
  3. The Management Team wanted to provide a duty of care to their home working teams and demonstrate to their teams that they are invested in their health; and where necessary intervene to help employees who were struggling.
  4. The Management Team wanted to raise awareness amongst the team of their posture in relation to their MSK health.

How did YOLO Wellbeing meet the objectives?

The attendees were invited to book onto timetabled YOLO Wellbeing Consultation sessions; completing an anonymous, pre-session questionnaire that captured medical data and information about home working arrangements and habits. The information was used to deliver the sessions safely and provide anonymous information for the evaluation report.

In the consultations we reviewed each employee’s work station, providing advice forimprovement and reasonable adjustment. As part of the delivery of the sessions two employees were identified as requiring further intervention. It was raised privately as part of the evaluation report, to enable to company to respond confidentially with the individual members of the team.

Following the review of each work station the attendees then took part in a 12 minute stretch, mobilisation and breathing session, which targets every moveable joint in the body.

After the sessions all the participants were invited to complete a review questionnaire; which was then used to provide feedback in the evaluation report.

Benefits to the Attendees:

The feedback we received from the participants was incredibly positive:

100% said they felt some improvements in their MSK health after the session.

93% said they would make adjustments to their work station as a result of advice we provided.

100% said they felt better equipped to avoid aches and pains.

100% said they were more aware of their posture and how to improve it.

Some of the attendees comments included:

“I found the session informative and it gave useful tips to help with the shoulder pain I sometimes get.”

“I enjoyed the session and believe I have some practical tips and tricks to help me feel better working from home – thanks”

“It was a very good reminder to be mindful about posture and movement, thankyou.”

 This benefited the client in the following ways:

  • The attendees were able to make reasonable adjustments to their work stations, that will help prevent future absences due to musculoskeletal health injuries
  • The attendees are now better educated and have the tools to be able to look after their own health, whilst working from home
  • Bertram’s Management Team has clearly demonstrated a duty of care to the health of their home working teams
  • The evaluation report provided Bertram’s Management Team with a much better awareness of the health of their staff and how they were working from home
  • The home working employees at Bertram’s Nursery Group are aware of, and appreciate their employers investment and concern for their health

Testimonial from the client:

“The MSK Consultations from YOLO Wellbeing have been a welcome and valuable investment in the health of our home workers. We have already seen a return on investment through the feedback from our staff and the evaluation report that Cheryle submitted, Two high risk employees where identified which has enabled us to intervene and prevent future absences.”

Nicola Parkinson, Bertam’s Nursery Group

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