YOLO Wellbeing Takes the Stress Out of the Work Place

The YOLO Wellbeing experience is a new mobile, workplace wellbeing solution that allows employees to escape the office and de-stress. Returning, just 15 minutes later, feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed.

In an age where 87%* of us feel stressed in work; mental health prevention in the work place has never been more important. It has been proven, in numerous studies, that it affects performance, engagement, culture and your bottom line, yet only one in 10 of us work somewhere that offers a wellbeing programme.

The YOLO Wellbeing experience has been designed to help employers improve the physical and mental health of their staff through a combination of massage and meditation, which takes place in a customised, sensory calm space that, is brought to your premises. It uses techniques that have been clinically proven to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol and boost your happy chemicals Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin.

Robert Binns, Managing Director of Cotton Court Business Centre, comments:

“YOLO Wellbeing offers a completely unique way to improve workplace wellbeing and demonstrates our investment in our peoples’ welfare. The feedback from our clients and the staff at Cotton Court has far exceeded my expectations.”

Lisa Gregoire-Parker, Owner of Evergreen Early Years said:

“YOLO Wellbeing absolutely delivered what I expected for my staff and my business. Feedback from the team has been excellent. They all really enjoyed it and they are looking forward to their next YOLO experience.”

*Cigna 360° 2018 Wellbeing Survey.

Cheryle standing in front of the YOLO Wellbeing van

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