New ‘Rewards for Referrals’ Programme

Receive FREE massage treatments and spa experiences with our Rewards for Referrals programme.

Created to recognise your love and support for our YOLO Experience, the referral programme rewards you with gifts that will make you feel great.

We want to thank you for telling friends, family, business connections (and everyone else you know) about how we made you feel amazing, relaxed, and happy.

Each time you successfully refer a new client for the YOLO Experience we will reward you with credits that can be used for wellbeing treatments and experiences.

                                                                                                                                   Number of Credits
Successful referral – a new client books half-day   25
Successful referral – a new client books a full day   50
                                                                  Earn extra credits each time a client rebooks1
 For every repeat half-day booking   10
 For every repeat full day booking   25

1Includes all repeat bookings within a 12 month period starting from the date of the first delivery.

Credits Rewards
25  30minute treatment with one of our YOLO Experience Therapists
50  1hr treatment with one of our YOLO Experience Therapists
125  Spa day for one at luxury spa2
250  Spa day for two at luxury spa2
500  Overnight stay and spa experience for two at luxury spa hotel

2Spa venues all have different pricing models so the number of credits highlighted in the table above are for guidance only.

Each time you refer a client you can claim your credits at a voucher to spend with any of our YOLO Experience Therapists, or you can accrue credits over a period of time to claim against a spa experience.

The referral programme is currently only available to new clients in the North West, UK.

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ below for full details and terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I claim the credits?

You can claim your credits on the delivery of the YOLO Experience to the new client; or receipt of payment of the invoice from the new client; whichever is the latter.

How do I claim the credits?

The credits are available as vouchers to spend at your choice of YOLO Experience Therapist or luxury spa venue.

To claim your credits email:, referencing ‘Rewards for Referrals’. Let us know your name and employer and where you would like to spend you credits. We will email you a digital voucher to spend with your chosen therapist or venue, within five working days.

How many credits do I need to accrue to receive a treatment?

One referral will reward you with enough credits to claim a treatment with one of our YOLO Experience Therapists.

How will I know if a referral I have made has been successful?

When a new client books the YOLO Experience with us, they must confirm your name and contact details as the referrer at the point of booking. We will then contact you within 72hours to let you know you have successfully referred a new client.

What if I don’t live near a YOLO Experience Therapist?

If you do not live near an accredited YOLO Experience Therapist, your credits can be used for an alternative therapist, on proof of qualifications and at the discretion of YOLO Wellbeing Ltd.

Can I use credits to book the YOLO Experience?

It is possible to use your credits to book the YOLO Experience for your team or a group of friends and family. The value of the credits must be equal to the like-for-like value of the YOLO Experience booking fee.

Do the credits have a value?

Each credit is equivalent to £1 value, therefore if you accrue 125 credits you will receive a voucher for £125. Credits will not be substituted for cash.

How can I check how many credits I have accrued?

To check if you have credits accrued, please email, referencing ‘Rewards for Referrals’. We will respond within 72hours

How often can I claim credits that have accrued from repeat business or multiple referrals?

As often as you like. Email, referencing ‘Rewards for Referrals’. Let us know your name and employer and where you would like to spend your credits. We will email you a digital voucher to spend with your chosen therapist or venue within five working days.

Can I earn credits for referring any YOLO Wellbeing Services?

The Rewards for Referrals programme is currently limited to the YOLO Experience, when delivered in the YOLO Calm Space, and when bookings and payment is made by one payee (the client). Exclusions include but are not limited to individuals who pay for a single YOLO Experience, when the YOLO Experience is not delivered in the YOLO Calm Space (for example within a clients premises); and any other YOLO Wellbeing service (for example YOLO Class, Let’s Do Lunch, and Let’s Dance).

How will you reward credits for a new client who books multiple dates?

Where a new client books multiple dates to be taken consecutively, introductory credit rewards will be rewarded, on receipt of payment or delivery of the booking, whichever is the latter. For example if a new client books three full days you will be rewarded with 150 credits.

Where a new client signs up to a plan you will receive introductory credits for the delivery of the first booking and the subsequent bookings will earn repeat credits. For example if a client books a quarterly plan for full days you will receive 50 credits for delivery of the first booking and 25 credits for each additional date that falls within the 12month period.

Is there a time limit on when I can claim my credits?

There is no time limit on when you can claim your credits. However there may be a time limit on the voucher. YOLO Wellbeing Ltd. cannot be held responsible if the YOLO Experience Therapist or Spa venue you choose has time limitations on the validity of the voucher. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions of your chosen Spa or Therapist at the time of choosing and claiming your credits.

What will happen to my credits if the Rewards for Referrals programme is cancelled?

If the Rewards for Referrals programme is cancelled, you will be notified by email and given one calendar month to claim a voucher to the value of your accrued credits. Credits not claimed within one calendar month will become redundant.

If the value of the spa treatment is more than the value of the voucher, can I pay the remainder myself?

Yes, when you receive your vouchers, you can choose from the spa menu what experience or treatments you would like. If the cost is higher than the value of your vouchers you will be able to pay the remainder yourself.

How do I book the spa? Do I show the spa my voucher when booking?

You will receive vouchers for the Spa of your choice, once you have the vouchers it will be your responsibility to contact the spa or therapist and book your treatments or experience.

You may need to provide proof of the vouchers at the point of booking. YOLO Wellbeing Ltd. will not be responsible for vouchers that become out of date, are lost, or not used, it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions.

Do the YOLO therapists work on weekends?

Our therapists may work different hours, please check their website, or Facebook pages, to check their opening hours and treatment options.

Can I change my vouchers for a different spa?

Once vouchers have been allocated to you, they cannot be exchanged. However, if you accrue more credits, you can choose a different therapist or spa the next time you redeem your for vouchers.

Can I choose any spa or therapist I like?

We have a recommended list of therapists and spas for you to choose from. However, if you prefer you can choose an alternative therapist, or spa venue, so long as they have a secure voucher purchase system we can use.

What if a new client doesn’t give my name as the referrer, will I still get credits?

We will always ask new clients if they were referred. If you are not named as the referrer, you will not be eligible to receive credits.

What if a few people have referred a new client, will we all receive credits?

Credits will only be allocated to one person (or one business) for each referred client transaction. The client will be responsible for naming the person, or business responsible for referring them.

Can we accrue credits collectively as a business?

If you would like to accrue credits collectively as a business, please email or call 01772283139 and quote reference Rewards for Business Referrals, we will set up an account that accrues credits against the company, as opposed to the individual. Terms and conditions apply, please request on application.

You will be able to request information about credit accrual, referees and access the Rewards for Referrals programme in the same way as an individual.

I have a question that is not listed?

Please email referencing Question – Rewards for Referrals

Terms and Conditions YOLO Wellbeing Ltd. reserves the right to amend or cancel the Rewards for Referrals programme at any time. If the terms and conditions of the programme change, or the programme is cancelled, any individual with accrued credits will be notified of the changes, or cancellation five working days in advance. If an individual has accrued credits, they will have one calendar month to redeem their credits before they become void.

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