The Summer Switch Off – How do you do it?

We recently wrote this blog for a friend of ours at The LASBM Alliance Ltd. (Lancashire Schools Business Managers) who asked us for our tips to switch off in the school summer holidays. But we realised that these tips can be applied to anyone taking time out to reset and recharge your batteries. Have a read, we’d love to know what you think?

Working in education, just like many other professions has not been easy this year (or the last few if we’re being brutally honest), but as the school year comes to a close how do you switch off in a positive way so that you can enjoy the summer break, recharge your batteries, and look forward to returning with a spring in your step and smile on your face to the Autumn term.

  1. Reflect and focus on the positives – finish the school year by looking at the positive things that have happened, what moments have you enjoyed the most; what were your key achievements; and those of the staff, children, and school?

Is there anything you would do differently next year that will help you improve your experience in school? These become your positive goals for the next school year.

  1. Take a few days to unwind – when at work we are in the throws of life, responsibilities, deadlines and demands. One of the best ways to recover from stress and fatigue is to turn off your alarm, limit the time on your phone and don’t commit to anything for a few days. Let your body and mind relax and switch off from work.
  1. Take time to do things you enjoy – sometimes we’re so busy we forget what we enjoy, the school summer holidays are the perfect time to rediscover forgotten hobbies, places visited and fun experiences. The feelings of reward you get from organising something new or different can be as good as the event itself.

When it comes time to return to school…

  1. Revisit your goals – If you reflected at the end of the school year and set some goals for the new school year re-visit them. Look at how you will achieve them and set smaller goals that will help keep you on track, be prepared to measure and track your progress.

Plan for better is the first step in achieving better. You might want to share your goals with a colleague or someone at home, so that they can help keep you to account.

We hope you all have fabulous summer holidays, that the weather is kind and you have fun, relaxation and enjoy your time out.

High Energy and Happy Mood

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