Emily Sealey Joins As We Grow the Team and Launch New YOLO Classes

We welcome Emily Sealey to the team as we launch new online relaxation and mobilisation classes for teams.

The classes have been designed to provide employers an opportunity to bring teams together in social activity that is proven to help reduce stress in the muscles and minds.

Each thirty-minute class incorporates a variety of gentle stretch and mobilisation exercises from across a range of disciplines, integrated with breathing techniques which are used to intensify the release of tension.

The aim of the classes is to help employees manage their musculoskeletal health and mental wellbeing whilst working remotely. In trials 95% of participants claimed to feel some improvement after the sessions with 56% stating they felt better.

Emily Sealey, a successful Personal Trainer with years of experience joins the YOLO Wellbeing team to lead the YOLO Classes, “I’m excited to be working so closely with YOLO Wellbeing. The holistic benefits you gain from these classes align well with my ethos of providing ‘feel good fitness’. I’ve come to realise, especially over the last 12months, just how connected your physical and mental health is and what a social lifeline the online video platform has become. I’m looking forward to developing the classes and working with YOLO clients.”

Sean Manison, Head of Quality & Assurance from SSE Contracting comments, “We have introduced the YOLO Classes for our employees as part of our Health and Wellbeing strategy and received a really positive response from our teams. The sessions are regular and uplifting and enable us to take some much-needed time out to take care of our mind and body and reset ourselves for the week ahead. YOLO share this ethos and have been fantastic at providing sessions with a great balance of movement and mindfulness.”

YOLO Wellbeing Founder Cheryle Britton comments, “We’re delighted to be launching these new and inclusive YOLO classes which can be used to connect teams and support physical health and wellbeing Especially when teams are working remotely.

“We’re doubly-delighted that Emily is joining us to deliver the classes, she is brilliant at what she does, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to deliver and continue to develop these services.”

About YOLO Classes

The YOLO Classes can be delivered via Teams or Zoom platforms. As the classes are delivered live we are happy to work with you to create a class that meets the needs and goals of your team. For further information please contact hello@yolowellbeing.o.uk or call us on 01772283139.

About Emily Sealey

Seven years ago, Emily decided to make her hobby her business. Leaving a successful career in banking she qualified as a Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Leader and more recently Pilates teacher. She has worked with a wide range of people from athletes to professionals, teenagers to 80-year-olds. 

Guiding each of them to realise their individual goals and for many providing on-going support and structure to maintain their achievements. ‘Feel Good Fitness’ is the motto she lives by, whether that’s feeling good about your clothes fitting; being able to run further, or simply the ability to relax at the end of a stressful day.

Emily uses exercise to keep her sane. Living in a house with 4 boys she understands how important it is to make exercise fun and how it can be used to lift your mood and support your mental wellbeing as much as your physical health.

Through the pandemic Emily has realised just how invaluable the online sessions have been to her clients, in giving them an opportunity to take time out for themselves.

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