New Wellbeing Services to Engage Your Hybrid Workforce

We have launched our Hybrid Wellbeing Services after witnessing our clients and businesses struggle to engage hybrid teams with collective, team-building activities that connect with the culture of their business and support the health and wellbeing of staff.

In a climate where top talent is at a premium, employers are increasingly looking to retain and attract the best staff whilst offering flexible working opportunities and benefits that support personal wellbeing.

This is why we have designed a range of engaging, inclusive and fun activities to bring your on-site and remote workers together, to experience the benefits of healthy, mood-boosting classes and workshops.

Our hybrid services are delivered on-site and broadcast digitally to your remote workers enabling everyone in the business to participate at the same time and in the same class, wherever they are.

Read on to see some of our new services and feedback from clients who participated in our Happy Monday launch event.

If you have a requirement or idea, you don’t see below, please let us know. We can engage with our wider network of exceptional wellbeing providers and create a bespoke class or workshop to meet your needs.

YOLO Wellbeing FIT Classes Happy Monday

YOLO Relaxation & Mobilisation

We combine a range of exercise disciplines integrated with guided breathing to intensify the release of tension in the muscles and mind.

These classes are perfect for bringing awareness to your posture and will provide take-away exercises to help manage physical aches and pains, and stress.

They are suitable for all abilities; no specialist clothing or equipment is required.

Client feedback:

“A perfect way for bringing awareness to our posture and provided some fantastic takeaway exercises to help us manage aches and pains, and stress.” In-person participation

“Excellent session, reminded me how bad my general posture is and need to spend more time thinking about this !!!” In person participation

“Great session, feeling very relaxed and Happy on this wonderful Monday.” Online participation

Food to Make You Happy

An interactive class, that includes real food!

Happy Monday Wellbeing Event YOLO Wellbeing

We talk about how food can affect your mood and show how small changes and some clever, easy, hacks will help you adopt better food choices that will help make you feel more energised and happier.

Food to make you happy Happy Monday Wellbeing Day YOLO Wellbeing

Client feedback:

“Great session that was full of interesting dietary information, made easily accessible by the speaker. The session was also quite interactive which made it very enjoyable.” In person participant

“Really informative and really makes you think about how to make your diet better to help your mental health.” In person participant

YOLO FIT (Fun Interval Training)

Get the heart rate up and the energy flowing. YOLO FIT, is an exercise class that puts ‘Fun’ into interval training.

These classes are designed to engage all levels of fitness in fun exercises that will leave you feeling invigorated, energised and feeling great.

YOLO Wellbeing FIT Classes Fun Interval Training

Client feedback:

“What a great start to my week, thank you.” Online participant

“That is just what I needed to get me going for the week ahead.” In person participant

To find out more about how we can help you and your hybrid teams please contact or call 01772 283139

YOLO Hybrid wellbeing session

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