Invitation DSE Health and Wellbeing for Remote Workers

Are you preparing your employees for a blended workplace?

64% of employees presently support having a hybrid blended workplace that offers the flexibility of home working with an office base. Many companies agree, and are moving towards an agile blended workplace. As part of the process it is important to take steps to protect employee health and safety of those continuing to work from home.

If you are currently reviewing the health and wellbeing of your home working teams and need require external support we invite you to join us at our FREE YOLO Wellbeing taster event on the 25th March 2021, from 9.00-10.00am to have the opportunity to experience the DSH Health and Wellbeing sessions we run for home workers.

The event covers:

  • Employee engagement, providing a practical and interactive session where we discuss and provide tips and advice to manage and improve physical and mental home working health.
  • The safe DSE (display screen equipment) and working environment set up at home, to help prevent long-term musculoskeletal health injuries which can consequently result in absences, and impact productivity and reduce performance levels.
  • Practical mobilisation session that will help to ease tension and relax stressed muscles and minds.

Engaging Employees Working in Isolation

Studies show blended workplaces will be the future of employment.

However, 52% of employees have reported that most of their daily social interactions happen in the office. According to a survey completed by Total Jobs, this is resulting in some employees working at home feeling isolated and less engaged in their work, and the company culture.

Case studies demonstrate that workplace wellness programmes like YOLO Wellbeing’s services in particular can directly boost remote employee engagement and productivity levels impacted by home working. This is achieved because YOLO Wellbeing’s Virtual Health and Wellbeing sessions facilitate conversation that encourages employees to share their experiences and support one another with invaluable interaction.

Importance of physical musculoskeletal health and Mental Wellbeing

Annually, companies lose 8.9 million working days as a result of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, half of these are desk related injuries.* Data shows that working from home often impacts employee musculoskeletal health through:

  • Fixed or constrained body positions
  • Long periods of keyboard work
  • Mental stress
  • Awkward working positions

In the DSE Health and Wellbeing event we provide a generic DSE and environmental risk assessment that is bespoke to the challenges employees working from home experience. We offer advice on how to correct or implement changes to achieve instant improvements and safe DSE workstations for employees in a home working environment.

We close the event with a practical stretch and mobilisation session. These are usually a highlight, with participants being surprised at how much calmer and freer they feel afterwards (95% participants in our anonymous feedback survey) . This practical session is suitable for all abilities and is designed to help prevent long-term musculoskeletal problems and improve mood.


Our sessions consistently get positive feedback with participants scoring us 4.7/5 stars.

Following our DSE Health and Wellbeing sessions 91% of participants say they will make changes to their workstation and that they feel better able to manage their aches and pains and musculoskeletal health, associated with home working.

87% report their mood improved as a result of attending the session and 72% said the session provided them with information to help them manage stress better.

Some of the comments include:

“Really enjoyed the session, I was concerned it was going to be very formal but it wasn’t, it was very relaxed. Enjoyed just having a general chat about the situation we are all in at the moment and felt the exercises at the end were useful and will try to incorporate this into my end of day routine.” Participant feedback

“It did make you think more about posture and sitting correctly and that for our own mental health we need to switch off completely at the end of the day when we’ve completed our working hours.” Participant feedback

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