Improve Workplace Health and Engagement

YOLO is a unique experience that improves mental and physical health, by using a blend of massage and meditation, which is delivered in a mobile calm space that we bring to you. The pandemic has forced us to rethink how we deliver the hands on YOLO experience.

After identifying high demand to support the prevention and improvement of DSE related injuries and blue screen overload; we now also provide a range of hands off, remote training, HSE and wellbeing solutions that improve the mental and physical health of your workforce.


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What is YOLO?

YOLO Wellbeing combines three key elements that work together to create a unique, sensory experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and more focused.

More about YOLO

YOLO for business

Are you looking to build your reputation as a great place to work; with a wellbeing scheme that helps you to attract and retain the best candidates, and get the most out of them?

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YOLO for healthcare

By identifying and treating low level anxiety and stress in patients at an early stage, you have the opportunity to prevent mental health problems from escalating.

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YOLO for events

Are you planning an event, inset, or away day and want to impress with a unique, feel good experience that will leave people calm, contented and energised?

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Benefits of YOLO

YOLO is a unique, one-to-one, sensory experience that delivers a number of key wellness benefits that will enable you to feel happier and more focused, physically healthier and better able to manage stressful situations.

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What our customers say

“YOLO Wellbeing offered a completely unique way to improve workplace wellbeing and demonstrate our investment in our peoples welfare. The feedback from our clients and the staff at Cotton Court has far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to booking additional dates.”

Cotton Court - Robert Binns, Managing Director

“YOLO Wellbeing absolutely delivered what I expected for my staff and my business. Feedback from the team has been excellent. They all really enjoyed it and they are looking forward to their next YOLO experience.”

Evergreen Early Years - Lisa Gregoire-Parker, Owner

Yolo Wellbeing is a real treat for the whole team. We booked in with Cheryle which was really easy. She came to our office in her ‘wellbeing’ van – very unique and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!!

The whole experience was truly relaxing, upon entering the wellbeing room Cheryle explained exactly what the treatment involved as well as the benefits. 15 minutes of total bliss!

Following the session, not only did I feel great but my entire team felt energised, de-stressed and motivated.

Amy Bithell - Group Marketing Manager, Handl Communications

“It’s a great incentive to get staff away from their desks, to just totally unwind and take a break…it’s really lifted the mood in the office.”

Kelly Fletcher - Managing Director, Blue Orange IT

“Incredible. It was very relaxing, but I feel quite refreshed afterwards. It was a moment of wonderfulness in the chaos.”

Liz Anthony - Secondary School Teacher

Rober Binns
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YOLO Wellbeng Testimonial
YOLO Wellbeing Ethos


YOLO – You only live once so we want to help you make it the best it can be! 

We passionately believe that if people are happy and healthy it has a reciprocal effect on those around them.

Our goal is to help people achieve better physical and mental wellness so they can influence in a kinder and more supportive environment.